Annual Review of the Year – 2023

Friday evening 12th January 2024 was our Annual Review of the Year gone and the Year to come. It was well attended for a cold frosty evening. As is usual the Artisan Baker of Firsby supplied cakes.

Dave Start began the review with a look back at the year 2023, we held 23 Spirit of Sutterby events over the year, ranging from live talks, zoom talks, “sandwich fillers”, workshops, singing, church events, visits and a 2-day Survey of a ruined church site.

Ray Emery gave us and update on the Survey of Old Graffiti in Churches, that is an ongoing project, and showed some of his “finds” so far.

Denise Wheatley followed with an update of the Nattes Drawing project which compares the pictures of local churches drawn by J.C Nattes at the request of Sir Joseph Banks in the 1790’s to how those churches look today.

Julia Brocklehurst then gave an update on the Palaeography work of transcribing and translating the Inventories from the local villages dating from the 1500’s. She gave an explanation of a Horncastle inventory from a Lady who died in 1717 and had large amounts of wool and hides in her house.

Next Helen Gamble gave an update on the celebration of 50 years that the Lincolnshire Wolds has been an ANOB which took place in 2023

Dave Start gave a report on the Calceby Survey which he led and we took part in back in March 2023, examining the remains of the ruined Church of St Andrews that is slowly crumbling away and has not been recorded by anyone.

Denise Wheatley then reported on the ongoing survey of Moths in the local area.

A brief look at a list of events for early 2024 that was released before we were treated to the Debut of 2 new songs for the group written by Mike Morgan and preformed by Dave Start, Mike Morgan and the lovely Kate Witney.

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