Roman Lincolnshire: Character and Themes – Dr Steve Willis

Very many thanks to Dr Steve Willis, Reader in Archaeology at the University of Kent, for his excellent talk “ROMAN LINCOLNSHIRE: CHARACTER AND THEMES” on 1st December 2023. It is one of the benefits of talks via ZOOM that we can get a speaker from out of the area even on a cold and frosty evening to talk to us in the warmth of our front rooms.

We knew that the Romans had been in Lincolnshire because of some of their buildings and roads but it is more difficult to find their settlements. Steve told us some of the reasons the Romans came to Great Britain were the production of good grain and the large amount of precious metal in the ground. Most of the excavations carried out now are commercial for pipelines or construction and the results are often not published for some time. Another source of information is the result of metal detection finds or the public finding items on walks. There are books on Roman Britain, but they have not been updated for some time.

This was our first talk by Dr Steve Willis, we all found it interesting and very informative, and would like to hear more from him on his latest project if would return in the future.

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