Under Your Very Feet – Milica Rajic

A really big Thank You to Milica Rajic, the Infrastructure Director at Wessex Archaeology, who presented our Zoom talk last night ‘UNDER OUR VERY FEET’, that gave an insight and an update on the work carried on the “Viking Link” as it was put in the ground in Lincolnshire.

The talk was very interesting, comprehensive and well presented by Milica, who gave us details of the work carried out by Wessex Archaeology as they closely checked the land on which the cable was to be laid. Making sure that any history in the ground was recorded before the earth was disturbed by the process of inserting the cable. They only checked the area that was directly in the path of the cable as that was their brief. They encountered the many soil/rock bands that are present in Lincolnshire along with varied weather conditions too, recording everything they found, taking samples along the way. After all the information from the samples is processed, a full report will be published.

Once again thank you very much Milica for your talk and we would very much like you to keep us informed as the investigation continues and maybe in the future give us another talk on the final report.

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