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1541 MONKE John

Archive image Monke John

Summary of Archival Record for: John Monke

John Monke of Driby.

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Document Information

Archive Reference: Lincoln, Lincolnshire Archives INV 10/139
Document Type: Inventory
Parish: Driby
Document Subject: John Monke
Date of Document: 1541

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Lincoln, Lincolnshire Archives INV 10/139

Inventory, John Monke of Driby 10 October 1541

Classical Transcription

1-5. Inventarium et al Joh(a)n(ne)s monke Dryby octobris 1541. Appraisers Joh(a)n(ne)s will(ia)mson

Rob(er)te myllytt Joh(a)n(ne)s beche Thoma syc

6. hes pparell xxvj s viij d vj s viij d

7. In p(ri)mis in redey money one fether bede w(ith) the bowlst(er) xxxiij s viij d

8. vj s viij d

9. Item ij owld coverynges . one pott one possnett

10. v s xj s viij d

11. one law(er) . one fryyng pan one pewt(er) pott

12. iiij s iij s iiij d xij d

13. Item one cownt(er) . one hutche ij lytyll chystes one axe ij botelles viij s iiij d

14. vj s xj s vj d v s xij d

15. Item one scylletary . hes horse . hes wod all hes other fewell

16. ij d iiij d x d xxiij s vj d

17. Item one owld chare . one lawndyron . one sadyll

18. iiij d vj s iiij d xliij s

19. hes pullen . one q(uar)t(er) barley . hes wages dew to hym xlvij s

20. [ 2 ]

21. Item in redy money vij s x d

Sum(ma) bonor(um) vj li xj s viij dLincoln, Lincolnshire Archives INV 10/139

Inventory, John Monke of Driby 10 October 1541


1-5. Inventory etc. John Monke Driby October 1541. Appraisers John Williamson Roberte Myllytt John

Beche Thoma Syc

6. 26s. 8d. 6s. 8d.

7. Firstly his apparel one feather-bed with the bolster 33s. 8d.

8. 6s. 8d.

9. Item 2 old coverings . one pot one posnet

10. 5s. 11s. 8d.

11. one laver . one frying pan one pewter pot

12. 4s. 3s. 4d. 12d.

13. Item one counter . one hutch 2 little chests one axe 2 bottles 8s. 4d.

14. 6s. 11s. 6d. 5s. 12d.

15. Item one stillatory . his horse . his wood all his other fuel

16. 2d. 4d. 10d. 23s. 6d.

17. Item one old chair . one landiron . one saddle

18. 4d. 6s. 4d. 43s.

19. his pullen . one quarter barley . his wages due to him 47s.

20. [ 2 ]

21. Item in ready money 7s. 10d.

Sum of goods £6 11s. 8d.

[ 2 ] Illegible deletion