The Medieval Village

Old map of sutterby


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  • Explore the lost village by means of historical and archaeological research.
  • Carry out archaeological fieldwork, survey and excavation to investigate Sutterby’s development and decline. 
  • Obtain and interpret aerial photography and Lidar data to understand landscape development in and around the lost settlement.
  • Use archival and published maps to chart the changes over time in the village layout, its field system, its buildings and its routeways.
  • Undertake fieldwalking survey on all the ploughed land in the parish.
  • Carry out geophysical and test-pitting surveys in areas not available for fieldwalking


  • Analysed and written-up fieldwalking surveys of all the arable land in parish
  • Geophysical surveys of areas not available for fieldwalking
  • Test pit surveys of selected areas of the parish
  • Analysis of aerial photography and Lidar data for the parish
  • Map regression analysis of the parish

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This section records documentation relating to the Settlement which has been produced or researched during the course of the project. Click on the document title to open a preview or download.

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