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1545 MYLLYTT Robert

Archive Myllytt John 1545 Inventory

Summary of Archival Record for: Robert Myllytt

This is an archival record

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Document Information

Archive Reference: Lincoln, Lincolnshire Archive INV 014/158
Document Type: Inventory
Parish: Driby
Document Subject: Robert Myllytt
Date of Document: 1545

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Lincoln, Lincolnshire Archive INV 014/158

Inventory, Robert Myllytt of Driby, 1545

Classical Transcription

1. The Inventory off all the movable goodes corne & catell

2. (off Robert myllytt laytly <of Dryby> dysceced) and praysed by Jhon

3. beche wyllam browne Jhon wyllamsonne & henry pyckoryg

4. In p(ri)mis iiij oxen prasyd to iiij li

5. Item iiij kye & one quee xlvj s viij d

6. Item one mare and A fyly xx s

7. Item vj fylys and stakes xxx s

8. Item lvij shepe vj li

9. Item x yong steres v li Item the croppe prasyd to xlvj s viij d

10. Item plowg and wayne with all the pertenans x s

11. Item the howsolde stuffe in the perlore xxvj s viij d

12. Item In the hall brasse and puter w(i)t(h) other hustullment xiiij s viij d

13. Item the Rament longynge to hys bodye xiij s iiij d

14. Item many lyttyll tryfulles be estymacyon iij s iiij d

15. Item the dettes awynge to hym off dyvers persones

16. for dyvers thynges ix li v s


18. The totall sum xxxiiij li xvj s iiij dLincoln, Lincolnshire Archive INV 014/158

Inventory, Robert Myllytt of Driby, 1545


1. The Inventory of all the movable goods corn & chattels

2. (of Robert Myllytt lately of Dryby deceased) and appraised by John

3. Beche Wyllam Browne John Wyllamsonne & Henry Pyckoryg

4. Firstly 4 oxen appraised to £4

5. Item 4 kine & 1 quee 46s. 8d.

6. Item one mare and a filly 20s.

7. Item 6 fillies and stakes 30s.

8. Item 57 sheep £6

9. Item 10 young steers £5 Item the crops appraised to 46s. 8d.

10. Item plough and wain with all the pertinence 10s.

11. Item the household stuff in the parlour 26s. 8d.

12. Item in the hall brass and pewter with other hustlement 14s. 8d.

13. Item the raiment belonging to his body 13s. 8d.

14. Item many little trifles by estimation 3s. 4d.

15. Item the debts owing to him of diverse persons

16. for diverse things £9 5s.


18. The total sum £34 16s. 4d.