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1548 PRESTON John

Preston John Inventory 1548

Summary of Archival Record for: John Preston

This is an archival record for John Preston of Brinkhill. The original document was created in 1548.

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Document Information

Archive Reference: INV 17/204
Document Type: Inventory
Parish: Brinkhill
Document Subject: John Preston
Date of Document: 1548

Translation Record

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Translation Text

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Lincoln, Lincolnshire Archives INV 17/204
Inventory, John Preston of Brinkhill 18 February 1548
Classical Transcription
1.                       Brinkyll
3.      This is the Invitorie of all the goodes
4.      movable & unmovable p(er)teyning
5.      or belonging to Jo(nat)h(a)n preston <of> brinkyll
6.      latt desesyd takyn the xviij day of
7.      february in the yere of o(u)r lorde god
8.      a thowsand fyve hundreth foortie
9.      & eyght & praysyd by thomas grene
10.    John wright thomas leohe & Richard
11.    atfold of brinkyll
13.    In p(r)imis one copill of oxen                                 iij li
14.    Item iij kye                                                                        xl s
15.    Item iij calfes                                                                  xiij s   iiij d
16.    Item iiij orses & mares                                                 xxvj s viij d
17.    Item iij shepe                                                                  viij s
18.    Item croppes in towne & fild                                          liij s  iiij d
19.    Item plowghe & wayne & all th(a)t th(e)r(e)to
20.    belonges                                                                            x s
21.    Item woodde in the yarde                                                v s
INV 17/204 Classical Transcription continued/2
22.    Item his apparell                                                               v s
23.    Item pottes pannes & all other
24.    implementes                                                                  xvj s
25.    Item swyne geese & hennes                                          viij s
27.                  S(um)ma to(ta)lis  xij li  iiij s
29.    The f(u)n(eral) expenses at his
30.    beriall                                                                             xiij s   iiij d

Lincoln, Lincolnshire Archives INV 17/204
Inventory, John Preston of Brinkhill 18 February 1548
1.                       Brinkhill
3.      This is the inventory of all the goods
4.      movable & unmovable pertaining
5.      or belonging to Jonathan Preston <of> Brinkhill
6.      late deceased taken the 18th day of
7.      February in the year of our Lord God
8.      a thousand five hundred forty
9.      & eight & appraised by Thomas Grene
10.    John Wright Thomas Leohe & Richard
11.    Atfold of brinkhill
13.    Firstly one couple of oxen                                       £3
14.    Item 3 kine                                                                      40s.
15.    Item 3 calves                                                                   13s.    4d.
16.    Item 4 horses & mares                                                    26s.    8d.
17.    Item 3 sheep                                                                     8s.
18.    Item crops in town & field                                              53s.    4d.
19.    Item plough & waine & all that thereto
20.    belongs                                                                            10s.
21.    Item wood in the yard                                                      5s.
INV 17/204 Translation continued/2
22.    Item his apparel                                                                5s.
23.    Item pots pans & all other
24.    implements                                                                     16s.
25.    Item swine geese & hens                                                  8s.
27.                  Sum total  £12  4s.
29.    The funeral expenses at his
30.    burial                                                                              13s.    4d.