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1564 BROWN William

1564 Brown William

Summary of Archival Record for: William Brown

This is an archival record

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Document Information

Archive Reference: Lincoln, Lincolnshire Archives INV 44/479/001 & 002
Document Type: Inventory
Parish: Driby
Document Subject: William Brown
Date of Document: 1564

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Lincoln, Lincolnshire Archives INV 44/479/001 & 002

Inventory, William Brown of Driby 1564

Classical Transcription

1-3. Inventarium et al Will(ia)m brown. Appraisers –

4. Radulphum Wyl(ia)mson

5. Johem est

6. Rollandu(s) moresse

7. alexandria beche

8. In p(r)imis xvij acres barle iiijor acres Whete & Rye

9. vj acres pese & otes one acre of poll barle at iiijs the acre v li xij s

10. Item iiijor lodes hey at iijs iiijd a lode xiij s iiij d

11. Item one geldinge xxxiij s iiij d

12. Item a old mare x s

13. Item a twynter fylie xiij s iiij d

14. Item too yerlinge foles xiij s iiij d

15. Item a bey mare i(n) thandes of robart browne xv s

16. Item too kye xl s

17. Item too oxon iiij li vj s viij d

18. Item too yerlinge quese xx s

19. Item too wenynge calves x s

20. Item xv shepe at ijs viijd a pece xl s

21. Item xv shepe at ijs viijd a pece xl s

22. Item iij swyne v s

22. Item vj weynynge pygges at vjd a pece iij s

23. Item certen gese & other poltre vj s viij dINV 44/479/001 Classical Transcription continued/2

24. Item a old weyne a dange weyne a plow=

25. gares w(i)th all implementes to the same xx s

26. Item a payr of new wheles vj s viij d

27. Item monay i(n) h(e)s purse v s

28. Item a payr of malte quernes iij s iiij d

29. Item ix stalles of bees ix s

30. Item certen hempe & lyne ij s

31. Item one old fetherbed w(i)th that belongethe therto xiij s iiij d

32. Item iiijor matrese beddes w(i)th that belongethe therto xvij s

33. Item a cownter bord vj s viij d

34. Item too cupbordes xiij s iiij d

35. Item iiijor cofferes iiij s

36. Item one other cheste ij s

37. Item a bruynge leyde iij s iiij d

38. Item certen wudden vesselles [3] implementes i(n) the mylke howse x d

39. Item iij strykes brede corne & malte iij s iiij d

40. Item iiijor brasse pottes xx d

41. Item too small caudrense vj s viij d

42. Item iiijor lyttyll brasse pannes & a bason vj s

43. Item iiijor candylstykes iij s iiij d

44. Item xxti peces of pewter xiij s iiij d

45. Item one peyntyd clothe w(i)th bordes

46. fourmes stoles C(ar)pytt & cobberdes xiij s iiij d

47. and all other implementes of howsoldINV 44/479/001Classical Transcription continued/3

48. Item v payr of lynen shetes

49. too borde clothes & too towelles xx s

50. Item thapp(ar)ell of the sayd Wyll(ia)m browne xx s

51. Item the leace of hes farme iiij li


53. Sum(ma) to(ta)lis xxxv li vij s ii[ 1 ]INV 44/479/002 Classical Transcription

54. These be the dettes that the

55. sayd wyll(ia)m browne dothe owe

56. Item to edward rupe for hes wages v s

57. Item to angnes teylor for her wages vj s x s

58. Item to Joh(a)n Feyrbankes for hes wages vij s

59. Item dett to m(aster) bagham v s

60. Item dett to Joh(a)n freere v s

61. Item dett to Joh(a)n brokbankes xj s

62. Item dett to Joh(a)n Johnson of conisbie iij s

63. Item debt to Joh(a)n Derebarne iij s

64. Sum(ma) debit

65. Item to dyv(er)s of Byce yong

66. chyldren for certen goodes iiij li

67. remaynyng in this Testato<rs> handes

68. Sum(ma) clare

69. Item owying to the comon

70. Stocke for the Reconynges xv s

71. of the Towne of Drybye

72. S(u)m To(tal) of the vij li iiij s

73. seyd Debtes


75. And so remaynethe clere xxviij li iij s

76. iiij dLincoln, Lincolnshire Archives INV 44/479/001 & 002

Inventory, William Brown of Driby 1564


1-3. Inventory etc. William Brown. Appraisers –

4. Radulphum Wylliamson

5. Johem Est

6. Rollandus Moresse

7. Alexandria Beche

8. Firstly 17 acres barley 4 acres wheat & rye

9. 6 acres peas & oats one acre of poll barley at 4s. the acre £5 12s.

10. Item 4 loads hay at 3s. 4d. a load 13s. 4d.

11. Item one gelding 33s. 4d.

12. Item an old mare 10s.

13. Item a twinter filly 13s. 4d.

14. Item two yearling foals 13s. 4d.

15. Item a bay mare in the hands of Robart Browne 15s.

16. Item two kine 40s.

17. Item two oxen £4 6s. 8d.

18. Item two yearling quies 20s.

19. Item two weaning calves 10s.

20. Item 15 sheep at 2s. 8d. a piece 40s.

21. Item 15 sheep at 2s. 8d. a piece 40s.

22. Item 3 swine 5s.

22. Item 6 weaning pigs at 6d. a piece 3s.

23. Item certain geese & other poultry 6s 8d.INV 44/479/001 Translation continued/2

24. Item an old wain & a dung wain a plough-

25. gears with all implements to the same 20s.

26. Item a pair of new wheels 6s. 8d.

27. Item money in his purse 5s.

28. Item a pair of malt querns 3s. 4d.

29. Item 9 stalls of bees 9s.

30. Item certain hemp & linen 2s.

31. Item one old feather-bed with that belonging thereto 13s. 4d.

32. Item 4 mattress beds with that belonging thereto 17s.

33. Item a counter board 6s. 8d.

34. Item two cupboards 13s. 4d.

35. Item 4 coffers 4s.

36. Item one other chest 2s.

37. Item a brewing lead 3s. 4d.

38. Item certain wooden vessels [3] implements in the milk house 10d.

39. Item 3 strikes bread corn & malt 3s. 4d.

40. Item 4 brass pots 20d.

41. Item two small cauldrons 6s. 8d.

42. Item 4 little brass pans & a basin 6s.

43. Item 4 candlesticks 3s. 4d.

44. Item 20 pieces of pewter 13s. 4d.

45. Item one painted cloth with boards

46. forms stools carpet & cupboards 13s. 4d.

47. and all other implements of householdINV 44/479/001 Translation continued/3

48. Item 5 pairs of linen sheets

49. two board cloths & two towels 20s.

50. Item the apparel of the said Wylliam Browne 20s.

51. Item the lease of his farm £4


53. Sum total £35 7s. 2[ 1 ]INV 44/479/002 Translation

54. These be the debts that the

55. said Wylliam Browne does owe

56. Item to Edward Rupe for his wages 5s.

57. Item to Angnes Teylor for her wages 10s.

58. Item to Johan Feyrbankes for his wages 7s.

59. Item debt to Master Bagham 5s.

60. Item debt to Johan Freere 5s.

61. Item debt to Johan Brokbankes 11s.

62. Item debt to Johan Johnson of Coningsby 3s.

63. Item debt to Johan Derebarne 3s.


65. Item to diverse of Byce Yong

66. children for certain goods £4

67. remaining in this Testators hands


69. Item owing to the common

70. stock for the reckonings 15s.

71. of the town of Driby

72. Sum total of the £7 4s.

73. said debts


75. And so remains the clear £28 3s.

76. 4d

[ 1 ] Hole in paper [ 3 ] Illegible