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1579 BROWNE Charles

1579 Browne Charles

Summary of Archival Record for: Charles Browne

This is an archival record

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Document Information

Archive Reference: Lincoln, Lincolnshire Archives INV 057/045
Document Type: Inventory
Parish: Driby
Document Subject: Charles Browne
Date of Document: 1579

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Lincoln, Lincolnshire Archives INV 057/045

Inventory, Thomas Browne of Driby 12 April 1579

Classical Transcription

1. The Inovitory of all the goodes & Catteles

2. movable & unmovable p(er)tenyng to Thomas

3. browne of Driby layt dysecased taken & prased

4. the xij Day of aprill in the yeare of o(ur) lord

5. god i579 by Ranulf wyll(i)amson alysannder

6. beche John marlay adlerd bryges in

7. habytores in Dryby

8. Cattell

9. Inp(ri)mis ij kyn(e) iij li

10. Item ii ques liij s iiij d

11. Item one steare of on(e) yeare ould xiij s iiij d

12. Item on(e) Caulfe at the stak iij s iiij d

13. Item on(e) myre meyre xxvj s 8 d

14. Item for swyne xij d

15. Item henes & gease ij s

16. ploughe & all th(at) p(er)tanethe to the

17. same w(ith) othr wood in the yeard x s

18. In the barne on(e) haulf seme of barly iiij s

19. Item v acres barly sawne in th(e) fyld xxxiij s iiij d

20. on(e) acre lynttynges iiij sINV 057/045 Classical Transcription continued/2

21. Item iij mattres bedes w(ith) all

22. th(at) p(er)tanethe to theam xx s

23. Item on(e) table clothe iij s iiij d

24. Item v chistes & coferes v s iiij d

25. Item on(e) cobbert v s

26. Item on(e) table w(ith) other formes

27. stooles & other husse(l)ment in the howse vj s 8 d

28. Item iij brase potes iij panes w(ith) on(e) late(n)

29. bason iij candellstickes & x peaces puter xxv s

30. Item on(e) ould lead iij s

31. Item panted clothes dyshes & other

32. tre vesseles vj s viiij d

33. Item his apparell & his purse xx s

34. Item his lease of his house vj li


36. Sum(m)a of the dettes t(hat) he

37. owethe at the houre of his

38. deathe as appearethe in his wyll xvj s iiij d

39. Item to m(aster) James p(r)escot vij s vj d

40. Item on(e) coppell of stearesINV 057/045 Classical Transcription continued/3

41. In p(r)omis to mary yonge on(e) cuppell of

42. steares ij yeare ould

43. To georg Jacson iij s viij d

44. To the churche of dryby vij s vj d

45. To m(aster) James p(re)soot iiij s

46. To Robert brumslyt xij d

47. Thear is to be payd in on(e) other steid ix sLincoln, Lincolnshire Archives INV 057/045

Inventory, Thomas Browne of Driby 12 April 1579


1. The Inventory of all the goods & chattels

2. movable & immovable pertaining to Thomas

3. Browne of Driby late deceased taken & appraised

4. the 12th Day of April in the year of our Lord

5. God 1579 by Ranulf Wylliamson Alysannder

6. Beche John Marlay Adlerd Bryges

7. living in Driby

8. Chattels

9. Firstly kine £3

10. Item 2 ques 53s. 4d.

11. Item one steer of one year old 13s. 4d.

12. Item one calf at the stake 3s. 4d.

13. Item one mare 26s. 8d.

14. Item for swine 12d.

15. Item hens & geese 2s.

16. plough & all that pertaining to the

17. same with other wood in the yard 10s.

18. In the barn one half seam of barley 4s.

19. Item 5 acres barley sown in the field 33s. 4d.

20. one acre lintins 4s.INV 057/045 Translation continued/2

21. Item 3 mattress beds with all

22. that pertained to them 20s.

23. Item one table cloth 3s. 4d.

24. Item 5 chests & coffers 5s. 4d.

25. Item one cupboard 5s.

26. Item one table with other forms

27. stools & other hustlement in the house 6s. 8d.

28. Item 3 brass pots 3 pans with one latten

29. basin 3 candlesticks & 10 pieces pewter 25s.

30. Item one old lead 3s.

31. Item painted cloths dishes & other

32. treen vessels 6s. 8d.

33. Item his apparel & his purse 20s.

34. Item his lease of his house £6


36. Sum of the debts that he

37. owes at the hour of his

38. death as appear in his will 26s. 4d.

39. Item to Master James Prescot 7s. 6d.

40. Item one couple of steersINV 057/045 Translation continued/3

41. Firstly to Mary Yonge one couple of

42. steers 2 year old

43. To Georg Jacson 3s. 8d.

44. To the church of Driby 7s. 6d.

45. To Master James Prescot 4s.

46. To Robert Brumslyt 12d.

47. There is to be paid in one other stead 9s.